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3-Min Video: See How Dynamic Matching Works

January 19, 2021   |   2 min read time    Rebecca Geier Rebecca Geier


In this short video, ChemVM Chief Information Officer, Dave Coie, demonstrates the newly-released automated matching feature his team has been developing for the past several months. Dave starts with an already-entered chemical project in which the customer has specified the need for blending, packaging and related services. He then shows the dynamically-created list of suppliers the system has matched to the customer's project that meet the specified services and location criteria. 

Dave also demonstrates how users can control and manipulate their list of matched chemical suppliers by applying different numerical weights to certain project criteria to indicate their importance or checking certain data as required so only suppliers that have that capability or service will be included in their custom list of matched service providers. Click on the video below to see how dynamic matching works:


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