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Video: Enter A Blending Project in 4 Minutes

July 7, 2021   |   2 min read time    Rebecca Geier Rebecca Geier


In this short video, ChemVM chemical engineering intern Sean demonstrates how you can quickly enter a Paint blending and packaging project with volume of 1,000 gallons per week. He starts on the home page by defining the service (in this case, he selects Chemical Processing since he needs Blending), his location in Atlanta and his start date, which for this project is 3-6 months. Once he clicks on "Get Started" the rest of the video walks the viewer through the intuitive, menu-driven selection to complete your blending project requirements. 

Within one minute of starting his project - on the second page of project entry -  Sean points out how the system already identifies matched suppliers. Sean demonstrates additional various features of the ChemVM platform, including:

  • Designating that the project includes both liquid and dry ingredients
  • Indicating that the blend is water-based
  • Specifying that storage conditions for the ingredients require humidity does not exceed 50%
  • Selecting a Paddle Blender for the mixing equipment
  • Specifying Physico-Chemical Testing be performed to analyze colorimetry and viscometry measurements
  • Indicating the paint be packaged into 1 gallon containers with adhesive labels printed by the service provider that include data for Batch/Lot Number, Date of Manufacture, Full Color and Part Number
  • Specifying that the service provider have expertise in the Paint and Coatings industry

In a final step, Sean shows how the user can further control which suppliers are matched by making selections on the Decision Criteria page to rate the importance of various criteria, such as industry expertise, proximity to location, etc. 


Click on the video below to see how easy it is to enter a Blending project:


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