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Generate Revenue on Your Unqualified Leads

December 9, 2020   |   3 min read time    Rebecca Geier Rebecca Geier

As a chemical service provider, you have unique chemistry, equipment, industry and other capabilities that make your company a perfect fit for many customers. Yet, owners and sales leaders know all too well the cost of wasted effort spent qualifying projects that turn out to be a bad fit with your capabilities and you end up turning down. Meanwhile, procurement and supply chain buyers are left to continue their search. Now, with the ChemVM Affiliate Program, you can capitalize on those unqualified leads by referring them to ChemVM and earning discounts and revenue. Download the Affiliate Program Overview Flyer or read on to learn how it works. 


Start Earning Rewards and Revenue in 4 Easy Steps

We've made the Affiliate Program easy for chemical service providers to participate in, following these 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign up here (it's free) and receive your unique Affiliate link
  2. When you determine an opportunity is not a fit, instead of rejecting the lead, offer to help the prospect find a service provider

  3. If they accept your offer of help (and why wouldn't they?), provide them with your unique Affiliate link

  4. Once your referred lead signs up on, you start earning rewards

We'll let you when your lead signs up and you'll receive regular reports on the status of the lead and your earned rewards, which come in two ways. 


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2 Ways to Earn Rewards

There are two ways to earn rewards on your referred leads:

  1. Referred Leads Rewards: When leads you refer sign up at, you immediately get credit in the form of future ChemVM transaction fee discounts. The more of your leads that sign up, the bigger the transaction fee discounts you receive on future chemical projects we bring you. There are three discount levels:

BRONZE: 10 registered leads/qtr = transaction fee reduced by 10%

  • Ex: on 10% fee, discounted fee would become 9%

SILVER: 15 registered leads/qtr = transaction fee reduced by 15%

  • Ex: on 10% fee, discounted fee would become 8.5%

GOLD: 25 registered leads/qtr = transaction fee reduced by 20%

  • Ex: on 10% fee, discounted fee would become 8%

*Lead levels are set quarterly for a rolling 12 months


      2.  Deal Rewards: When your referred lead gets matched with another service provider ideally suited to their project requirements, you earn a 10% commission on the deal. Here is an example a project scenario:

  • Your referred lead's project value: $250,000
  • ChemVM matches the customer with a "best-fit" service provider ideally matched to their chemistry requirements
  • ChemVM charges "best-fit" service provider 10% fee: $25,000
  • Affiliate earns 10% of fee: $2,500


To learn more about the ChemVM Affiliate program, download the Affiliate Program Overview Flyer. Ready to join? Sign up here.



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