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Calling All Chemical Investors and Entrepreneurs

May 11, 2021   |   3 min read time    Michael Van Marle Michael Van Marle

ChemVM is proud to sponsor an upcoming chemical industry event for startup investors and entrepreneurs, Green Chemistry Expo. If you are interested in becoming an angel investor in the next generation of promising companies in the chemical market, or you are an chemical industry entrepreneur seeking valuable resources as you build your startup, you’ll want to attend this virtual event. The event is hosted by the Chemical Angel Network (CAN), a group of accredited investors looking to make an impact investing their own money in seed, early stage companies in the chemical sector with market caps under $15M.


Green Chemistry Expo is a virtual event that kicks off with a keynote by Josh Warner, a thought leader in the chemical industry and one of the founders of green chemistry who is a candidate for President of the American Chemical Society (ACS). Following Mr. Warner’s keynote, two panel discussions will follow:


  • Investing in Green Chemistry moderated by Judy Giordan founder of CAN, veteran R&D executive researcher, and also a candidate for President of ACS
  • Entrepreneur Resources moderated by Andrew Pasternak, Director of Commercialization at GreenCentre Canada and a leader in early-stage commercialization in a variety of fields including chemistry, biotechnology and drug discovery

The purpose of the Green Chemistry Expo is to fuel the ecosystem CAN is working to build to connect chemical angel investors with hard-science entrepreneurs. With so many similar events that bring chemical industry innovators together being canceled due to COVID, the timing is ideal to fill the gap with this event to provide a unique opportunity for like-minded investors and entrepreneurs to come together and learn from each other. 


The ideal attendee includes:

1. Investors including:
  • Angel investors looking to invest in companies
  • Corporate VC who are looking to invest in this space to align to their mission
  • Private VC who may have a social impact mandate
2. Entrepreneurs interested in learning:
  • Resources they can access from entities including, accelerators, incubators, government labs and private ventures
  • What investors are looking for in terms of investments
  • What other startups position their companies so they can refine and improve their

3. Individuals and service providers interested in Green Chemistry

  • Hear directly from thought leaders shaping the future of Green Chemistry
  • Discover new innovations in the early stages of commercialization in the market

To view the full agenda, read more about the speakers and register, visit the Green Chemistry Expo website.


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