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ChemVM Presents NACD Webinar: 4 Best Practices of Digital Marketing

2 min read time
June 15, 2021

ChemVM Chief Marketing Officer Rebecca Geier will be leading a webinar for the National Association of Chemical Distributors on the 4 Best Practices of Digital Marketing. The importance of this topic is underscored by a Gartner for Sales report published last year titled 5 Ways the Future of B2B Buying Will Rewrite the Rules of Effective Selling, that stated in plain language, "Sales leaders reluctant to acknowledge customers' digital first proclivities will be outpaced by competitors delivering significant value through digital- and omni-channel sales models, engaging customers in digitally-rich learning and discovery." 

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Calling All Chemical Investors and Entrepreneurs

3 min read time
May 11, 2021

ChemVM is proud to sponsor an upcoming chemical industry event for startup investors and entrepreneurs, Green Chemistry Expo. If you are interested in becoming an angel investor in the next generation of promising companies in the chemical market, or you are an chemical industry entrepreneur seeking valuable resources as you build your startup, you’ll want to attend this virtual event. The event is hosted by the Chemical Angel Network (CAN), a group of accredited investors looking to make an impact investing their own money in seed, early stage companies in the chemical sector with market caps under $15M.

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ChemVM Finds Supplier Fast, Saves Critical Project

4 min read time
April 26, 2021

A project manager at a multi-billion dollar global specialty chemicals company used ChemVM to quickly find a chemical supplier that had specific solids flammability handling capabilities for a project that was on a tight deadline. The project manager had been searching for weeks using other methods but could not find a solution. In a few days, he had a match on ChemVM.

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ChemWeek Features ChemVM Digital Matching Tool

5 min read time
April 26, 2021

ChemVM cofounders Michael Van Marle and Erik Viens sat down with Chemical Week senior editor Vincent Valk to discuss the company's chemical services matching tool, its anticipated value for the industry, and the benefits of digital transformation to chemical buyers as well as toll, custom and private label manufacturing services.

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