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Chemical Industry Veterans Launch Digital Startup ChemVM Technologies

3 min read time
January 18, 2021


NEWS RELEASE: Founders See Chemical Industry at the Tipping Point of Digital Transformation

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Creating a B2I Experience for the Chemical Industry (Part 1)

3 min read time
December 24, 2020

In my nearly four decades in the chemical industry, I’ve been lucky to see so many changes for the greater good. Mostly driven by technology (with smart regulations), we’ve created a safer, cleaner and more efficient and effective market. These changes have allowed innovation from the molecular level to the research and manufacturing processes and the safe and efficient delivery of chemistry to where it is needed worldwide.

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Generate Revenue on Your Unqualified Leads

2 min read time
December 9, 2020
As a chemical service provider, you have unique chemistry, equipment, industry and other capabilities that make your company a perfect fit for many customers. Yet, owners and sales leaders know all too well the cost of wasted effort spent qualifying projects that turn out to be a bad fit with your capabilities and you end up turning down. Meanwhile, procurement and supply chain buyers are left to continue their search. Now, with the ChemVM Affiliate Program, you can capitalize on those unqualified leads by referring them to ChemVM and earning discounts and revenue. Download the Affiliate Program Overview Flyer or read on to learn how it works. 
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ChemVM is Now Open: What do You Think?

5 min read time
November 10, 2020

Excellence in software development requires a number of elements be in place including a proven and flexible structure and process, management’s engagement to provide strategic direction and candid input, and disciplined decision-making. It also takes patience to sweat the details and ensure the user experience is carefully thought through. In this post, I’ll give you a look inside our software development process that led us to an important milestone this week: our 2nd Beta and opening up the ChemVM application to the world. It starts with a development and design team that’s been around the software block a few times.

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