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Video: Find a Packaging Supplier in 5 Minutes

3 min read time
October 14, 2021

In this short video, we demonstrate how you can quickly enter a Paint blending and packaging project with volume of 1,000 gallons per week. We start on the ChemVM home page and select the chemical service needed (in this case, he selects Packaging and Labeling), the location in Dallas, and the start date, which for our example project is 3-6 months. After these quick first three steps, we click on "Get Started" and in a few minutes, walk you through the intuitive, menu-driven interface to define requirements and select a list of matched suppliers. 

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7 Criteria to Select a Chemical Service Provider

5 min read time
August 11, 2021

Finding the right chemical service provider (SP) for your project requirements and services needs can be quite difficult. Service needs range from chemical and physical blending to packaging, warehousing and transportation. Most companies actually spend 70% of their time on searching and quoting activities and only 30% on sample testing and purchasing. There are many factors to consider when making a selection, such as assuring the potential partner:

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Video: Enter A Blending Project in 4 Minutes

2 min read time
July 7, 2021


In this short video, ChemVM chemical engineering intern Sean demonstrates how you can quickly enter a Paint blending and packaging project with volume of 1,000 gallons per week. He starts on the home page by defining the service (in this case, he selects Chemical Processing since he needs Blending), his location in Atlanta and his start date, which for this project is 3-6 months. Once he clicks on "Get Started" the rest of the video walks the viewer through the intuitive, menu-driven selection to complete your blending project requirements. 

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3-Min Video: See How Dynamic Matching Works

2 min read time
January 19, 2021


In this short video, ChemVM Chief Information Officer, Dave Coie, demonstrates the newly-released automated matching feature his team has been developing for the past several months. Dave starts with an already-entered chemical project in which the customer has specified the need for blending, packaging and related services. He then shows the dynamically-created list of suppliers the system has matched to the customer's project that meet the specified services and location criteria. 

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