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What is a Best-Fit Chemical Customer?

At ChemVM, our mission is to find Best-Fit matches between customers and service providers for chemical processing projects. But what does “Best-Fit” mean, you may ask?

To us, Best-Fit means that a project helps you, the custom or toll chemical manufacturer, contract formulator or packager, realize your goals as a service provider to 

  • Maximize profits 
  • Develop strategic capabilities 
  • Increase stability and predictability of your sales pipeline and capacity utilization 

Let's dive into each of these and further explore why they are so important to help chemical service providers succeed in their business.

Maximize Profitability

Leveraging your unique expertise, equipment, location, processes and materials is the quickest way to increase profits. What are you able to do better or more efficiently than your competitors? What specialized equipment do you have in your facilities or distinct technical talent on your team that uniquely differentiates and qualifies you to be the ideal supplier for certain projectsFinding projects that are in your sweet spot will bring the greatest margins.  


  • Take full advantage of your team’s knowledge and your intellectual property  
  • Select projects where you have a competitive advantage 
  • Identify higher-margin products that you could make with the expertise you already have 


You’ve invested in expensive reactors, mixers, heating and cooling systems, distillation columns,  filters, dryers, material handling equipment, storage vessels, packaging lines, and analytical  instrumentation.   

  • Fully utilize your assets 
  • Find projects that require your unique combination of equipment 


  • Take advantage of your facilities storage and access to sea or rail ports 
  • Benefit from your relative location to raw materials and specific end-use markets 


Permits and certifications, quality, safety, data, flexibility, research and development are all process capabilities that took years and significant investment to attain.   

  • Whether your processes are tuned for large-scale processing, pilot projects, scaling up, or quick turn-around, get matched to compatible projects 
  • Discover projects that fully reward your investments in certifications, unique material handling capabilities, formulation and product development procedures 


  • Leverage your access to specific raw materials that provide you with cost advantages or more reliable supplies 

At ChemVM, bringing you projects that maximize your profitability by matching them with your specific expertise, equipment, location, processes and materials are factors we consider in a Best-Fit project. Another is aligning projects to your strategic objectives.  


Develop Strategic Capabilities 

Athe owner or head of sales responsible for driving revenue for your toll or custom manufacturing and  packaging company, you want to respond to market dynamics to grow revenue or improve your margins by addressing new or adjacent spaceOr maybe you may want to pivot toward new types of projects but you need a cornerstone customer to help you get a foothold or establish your reputation in the market. Or, perhaps you see opportunity in building out your footprint, but need projects to fill your pipeline to support this expansion.  

By signing on with ChemVM, we can help build confidence to make these strategic decisions by bringing you the exact opportunities matched to your strategic business plans. Just complete your capabilities profile and include specific related information such as: 


  • The skills or intellectual property that you want to develop 
  • The types of projects, customers, and industries that will help you develop your reputation in potentially profitable markets 


  • The equipment you would acquire to enable you to handle more sophisticated projects 
  • Materials handling, automation, and expanded chemistries you are planning 


  • The expanded production rates and volumes you will be equipped to take on 
  • Additional locations you are evaluating 

Having your company actively profiled on ChemVM with new business goals accurately captured can help drive early demand and bridge the gap to successfully achieving new strategic opportunities. Bringing you projects that match these new investments is another factor we consider in a Best-Fit project. The last is matching you with projects that bring stability and predictability to your business. 


Increase Stability and Predictability 

common challenge for toll and custom manufacturing, packaging and warehousing/bulk storage service providers is managing through fluctuations and unpredictability in demandFrom a sales standpoint, it can be equally challenging to fill your pipeline with the right mix of long- and short-term projects or havenough right size projects at the right time.   

Using ChemVM as an additional source of leads with qualified opportunities consistently delivered to your sales doorstep, you can start to flatten out those ups and downs and drive more predictable business projectionsAll you need to do is complete your capabilities profile and specify related information such as: 

Seasonality and Gaps:  

  • Thtimes of year when you historically have had, and expect to continue to have decreases in demand 
  • The ideal size and timing for projects from a volume and delivery timeframe standpoint 


Project Duration and Phases:  

  • The preferred duration and size of projects 
  • The ideal project phases for your operations, from formulation and process development to full scale commercialization 


Your business is unique. The characteristics of the most profitable and strategic projects vary from one chemical service provider to another. By joining ChemVM and completing your company’s service capabilities profile, you’ll gain access to the Best-Fit projects that match your unique needs. 


Let ChemVM fill your pipeline with Best-Fit projects today, to maximize your profits and develop your strategic capabilities for the future. Get started with a profiling session, where you tell us about your capabilities and goals! 



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