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Sales-Ready Leads for Chemical Suppliers

4 min read time
September 15, 2021

As a veteran of the chemical industry, I’m struck by how slow the uptake of digital commerce has been. We’ve worn the label of laggard for decades and, while many attempts have been made over the last 30+ years, adoption of digital commerce technologies and processes have failed to grow into any significance. Most of the multibillion-dollar firms I worked with (including our customers and suppliers) never approached conducting even 10% of their business via digital commerce.

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ChemWeek Features ChemVM Digital Matching Tool

5 min read time
April 26, 2021

ChemVM cofounders Michael Van Marle and Erik Viens sat down with Chemical Week senior editor Vincent Valk to discuss the company's chemical services matching tool, its anticipated value for the industry, and the benefits of digital transformation to chemical buyers as well as toll, custom and private label manufacturing services.

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The digital tidal wave is coming. Are you ready? (Part 2)

6 min read time
September 15, 2020

In Part 1 of this story, I noted that while the way we, as consumers, buy books and groceries to how we rent lodging or find transportation has completely transformed, the buying process in the chemical industry has changed very little. However, in the four decades that I've worked in this industry, never have we faced greater change than now, and this dramatic digital transformation is happening due to three key drivers: Business, Technology and Societal. 

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Seeking a Chemical Sales Leader

3 min read time
September 5, 2020

The sky is the limit to the value we hope to bring to the chemical industry, and we can't do it without an outstanding sales leader. We are actively seeking a veteran of the chemical industry with a passion for sales to join our team as Vice President of Sales. If you meet the below qualifications, or know someone who does, please email your resume and cover letter to

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